Saturday, October 3, 2009

EZ-Metrix to be featured on Quality Conversations

Steve Wilson, a colleague and fellow measurement practitioner, hosts a radio program called Quality Conversations: The Global Voice of Quality. Mr. Wilson's program is available on the Blog Talk Radio website. Steve has hosted many notable experts in the quality industry in the past, and hosts a website called Quality By Design.

Now, EZ-Metrix gets the spotlight, in a show entitled EZ-Metrix: A Web-Based Code Counting Utility. Steve and I will discuss software quality, how metrics can support a software quality initiative, and why software size measurement is missing from most Fortune 500 companies' Key Performance Indicators. And finally, how EZ-Metrix can help to fill the void left by these complex industry dynamics.

This is a recorded show, and is available for immediate download here.

Looking forward to your comments, questions and quality conversations.