Friday, July 25, 2008

EZ-Metrix v4.1 Ready Now!

The latest and greatest EZ-Metrix is now ready for immediate enjoyment...
Our development team has worked hard or weeks to bring you the latest product enhancements.
EZ-Metrix now boasts the following new comparison mode features:
1. Detailed line counts are now reported for added files
2. Detailed line counts are now reported for deleted files
3. Counts of changed lines of code and comments are more accurate than ever
4. Performance is up to 10% faster than v4.0

We hope these changes make your work more productive and efficient. Drop us a line when you have a chance to look over the new version - we love to hear from users.

Friday, July 18, 2008

EZ-Metrix enhancements coming soon.

The next release of EZ-Metrix (v4.1) is now under development. Included in this release are two changes that are sure to please most users.

1) Comparison line counts for added and deleted files. This new feature will report measures for all comparison categories, if a file is either added or removed from a baseline list. In other words, if a file is added to an existing list of files, for example, then EZ-Metrix will report how many files, lines of code and comments were added.

2) Comparison changed lines more accurate. A combination of factors may be encountered that could throw off EZ-Metrix' code counting engine, resulting in changed line counts that are incorrect. This enhancement will correct this situation, so that changed counts are correct.

We hope you value these changes, and become a better practitioner, as a result.

As always, keep those cards and letters coming - we value your feedback!

The EZ-Metrix team.