Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Updated EZ-Metrix User Guide and Admin Guide available.

Commensurate with the v4.0 release of EZ-Metrix, we have made available updated versions of the User Guide and Admin Guide.

These documents are available on the EZ-Metrix website now, and should be consulted for general how-to information, as well as in-depth discucssions of metrics definitions and how to analyze the results you get from EZ-Metrix.

-- the EZ-Metrix team

Sunday, February 3, 2008

EZ-Metrix V4.0 is finally here!

After a long-anticipated wait, EZ-Metrix version 4.0 is finally available!

New features in EZ-Metrix include:
  • Improved performance - more than 9 times faster than previous versions!
  • Easier to obtain a free evaluation license.
  • New and improved site design.
  • Pre loaded with rules for dozens of popular languages.
  • More control over user accounts, rules and reports.

Come give us a try. Or if you haven't tried EZ-Metrix yet, what are you waiting for?


Many Thanks!
This release wouldn't have been possible without the direct involvement of Jeff, Roger, Atul, Dmitry, Mahmoud, Sajid, Humayun, and my wife Christine.
Thanks also to client feedback, this product is stronger, faster and better than ever!